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   Infostone Communication Consultant(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is China's first enterprise in optical communications targeted at the professional advisory services companies. Since its inception in early 2001, both at home and abroad for many enterprises to provide optical communications industry forecast, corporate planning, decision-making products, market information and other forward-looking series of services, the company has become the international authority of optical communications consulting agency.

一、How to join:-Member
Corporate Member
1.Registration in this website 
2.Member companies filled out registration forms
(Member registration form) (Corporate Member mode)
3.By corresponding pay membership fees for members
4.we will  open services for Corporate members
Individual members
1.Registration in this website  
2.By corresponding pay membership fees for members 
3.We will  open services for individual members
Member of gold coins
1、Registration in this website 
二、Members can enjoy what services
Corporate Member
1.Free-market dynamic optical communications monthly report. 2 per month, a total of 24 a year.
2.Free-quarter optical communications market monitoring reports. Two each quarter, a total of 8
3.Member buy a discounted price of Stone's annual optical communications market analysis and forecast report.
4.Member buy a discounted price - Stone professional analysis report.
5.Free access to non-translated market research report.
6.Free to participate in the Association's Stone Association speech and free access to information.
7.Member units - participated in a free-large-scale seminars, the company will be 20 per cent discount for other personnel. Lecturer and free access to information.
8.Member units can enjoy - Shi Guang Advisory communications networks, optical communications personnel recruitment network, optical communication network enterprise database search of all corporate information and advertising the lowest discount. Member District and will be advertising a LOGO.
9.Free access and download - Shi Guang Advisory communications network in all columns of information, non-members can be found only part-time.
10.Stone visited regularly - Member units do for businesses and professionals to promote the demand for services reported.
11.Stone 4-6 times a year groups, with group members can be exempted from service charges - stone, and stone - free to participate in organized during the exhibition industry activities.
12.All newly created service projects, members can enjoy Stone's free or preferential Member Price

Individual members (only for the Institute, the institutions, and other office staff)

1.Free-market dynamic optical communications monthly report. 2 per month, a total of 24 a year.
2.For the purchase of all the reports of stone
3.Free access to all the information market research section
4.Free access to download technical papers
5.Stone Association's free to participate in activities such as free access and download information
6.Stone's free to participate in seminars and free access to download the relevant information
7.Fresh graduates can be recommended for professional work

Member of gold coins

You can buy gold coins - Stone corresponding value of the services.
Golds presented as follows:
1、100 registered members presented the first coin.
2、Advisory landing optical communications network one hour online each presented a gold coin. (Please withdraw from the normal, heavy or otherwise, will be on-line time)
3、Experts answer a question every column presented a gold coin, 2 coins to solve the problem presented.
4、Member of gold coins up to a certain number of gold coins and individual members can download the equivalent information Journal.

三、Member companies will be what interests
1.Stone joined members - will be - the premium services
2.Stone will at home and abroad - in the optical communications exhibition for members to do a comprehensive report, to further expand the visibility of enterprises in the industry。
3.Stone - now continued to increase overseas customer relationships, give priority to the member units overseas procurement information and customer resources。
4.From time to time overseas enterprises will lead the call on member companies visited。

四、Member FAQ

Can be set to expert advice columns style


      Services Introduction(8000 yuan / year)
Services Services Description Non-Member Price Member Price No. Completion Time
Monthly Global / China optical communications market dynamics reference 4000 yuan / (Chinese, PDF) Free 24 / year On the 3rd month ago
(Extended holidays)
6000 yuan / year (PDF) Free 24 / year On the 6th month ago
(Extended holidays)
Quarterly report Global / China optical communications market quarterly report 3000 yuan / period (Chinese, PDF) Free 4 / year After each quarter
One and a half months
4000 yuan / (English, PDF) Half-price 4 / year After each quarter
12 months
Annual Report Global optical communications market analysis report
China optical communications market analysis report
7800 yuan / The (Chinese, hardcopy)
8800 yuan / in the (Chinese, PDF)
8% discount 1 / year May each year
(According to the report can be completed as time and the final price revision)
8800 yuan / The (English, hardcopy)
9800 yuan / document (PDF)
Special report According to customer requirements According to the project may be different 8% discount   ------
Seminars 1-2 annual large-scale optical communications market and technology development seminars, lectures and provide information Charging fees based on specific standards
(Containing information about 1000-1500)
There is a free places
Enjoy the remaining 8% discount
1-2 times / year ------
Fellowship 1st-monthly newsletter industry associations to promote trade exchanges, and to provide "a monthly analysis of optical communications" expert speakers and information  For information: 500 yuan / year Member provide free information session
and free to participate in three.
12 / year Held a monthly meeting
Products Member products can be placed in the Chamber's Stone Products counters, member companies to promote products 1000 yuan / year Free 1 years ------
Web site service website advertising Please refer to optical communications consulting website advertising Price Table Member LOGO free publicity
Other advertising enjoy half-price concession
1 years ------
Website news and information publicity head
All available information search
Search inspection fees Free 1 years ------
Product search library (enterprise, business promotions, dynamic publication)   Member enterprise search forward    
1 years ------
Recruitment communications network - Shi Guang Please refer to optical communications enterprise recruitment website Price Table Free, a quarter of candidates recruitment information dissemination 70%
Recruitment advertising half-price concession
1 years ------
Participating groups Delegation to attend the major international optical communication exhibition
(OFC、FOE、ECOC、Taiwan research, etc.)
Show may be different Waive service fees 3-6 times / year ------
Enterprise Directory Global optical communications business information recorded advertisements     
(A collection of the optical center of the three major communications companies - Asia, Europe, North America, the enterprise-based information and communications product information)
Please refer to optical communications consulting website advertising Price Table Free one
Free 1 / 4 A4 pages text ads
Other pages advertising 8% discount
5000-8000 of the brochure have been exhausted ------
Customer presentations and  
Advisory services
Member introduced to give priority to buyers and foreign manufacturers, the market for the members to provide the necessary information According to information collected, and an important degree of difficulty charges Free
(Market Report by the Advisory extent of the fees collected must)
------ ------
Other services Stone's irregular activities and the market will be reports, training, etc. In terms of the activities and content Price Members will have certain places and services free of charge ------ ------