《The first quarter of 2007 global broadband information report》

On the report of the
The report is World Broadband Statistics quarterly report series continuity. World Broadband Statistics series of reports, the former first issued in the second quarter of 2002 DSL previous report, from the second quarter of 2003 increased by Cable modems and some other technologies.
In addition the report will cover optical fiber communication technology, and other broadband Internet access technologies, such as fixed wireless access (Fixed Wireless Access), satellite and power line technology, and so on. The report mentioned in the "optical" fiber-to include all floor, FTTH technology, the technology in this paper are often summarized as "FTTX."
Earlier in a series of reports have briefly discussed the growth of mobile broadband and global scale, many countries have developed a mobile broadband access technology, with mobile broadband technology continues to mature, these three G and WiFi / WiMAX, etc. , mobile broadband access technology has to a certain extent become a fixed broadband alternatives.
The deadline for the 2006 fourth quarter, the report of the statistical data of the six countries in the new data, these six countries is: Moldova, Belarus, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Suriname. So far covered by the present report the number of countries has reached 99.


On the report of the

A global and regional review

1.1 overall global growth in broadband lines

1.2 global broadband seven regional development trend analysis

Optional 1.3 technology trends and technology

2 of the top 10 global broadband network national analysis

2.1 The number of broadband subscribers top 10 countries

2.2 new broadband users top 10 countries

2.3 10 countries ranked the fastest growing broadband

2.4 X number of broadband subscribers National Technology Application Distribution

2.5 X number of broadband penetration of population and family countries

Catalog chart

Figure 1 global market share in broadband lines

Figure 2. Broadband technology trends: March 31, 2005 to March 31, 2007

Figure 3. Global broadband DSL technology distribution and regional distribution

Chart 4 cable Moden global FTTX technology and regional distribution

Chart 5. Number of broadband lines 10 countries: from March 2006 to March 2007

Figure 6. Ten fastest-growing number of broadband lines countries first quarter of 2007

Chart 7. Ten fastest growing broadband countries: December 31, 2006 to March 31, 2007

Chart 8. Ten fastest growing broadband countries: March 31, 2006 to March 31, 2007

Chart 9. Number of broadband lines 10 national technical application

Table 10 10 broadband population penetration States: March 2006 to March 2007

Figure 11 10 broadband penetration number of families States: March 2006 to March 2007

Form directory

Application forms a major national DSL broadband users, non-users and DSL broadband users Statistics

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